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Product Name:TeckPro UV Series Printer

Product Details:
TeckPro UV Series
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Detailed Product Description:


Pro UV3200

Pro UV5000


(C M Y L KC LM) x 2

(C M Y K) x 2

(C M Y K LC LM) x 2

(C M Y K) x 2


Graphic resolution up to 800 dpi

Printing mode

Quality mode: 22m2/h (237 ft2/h)
Production mode: 45m2/h (484 ft2/h)
High speed mode: 92 m2/h (990 ft2/h)

Quality mode: 46m2/h (369ft2/h)
Production mode: 92m2/h (756 ft2/h)
High speed mode: 177 m2/h (1513 ft2/h)

Printing mode direction

Uni and Bi-directional

Print operation

Edge to edge printable

Material type

Flexible materials

Material thickness

≤ 1 mm

Material weight

≤ 340 Kg

≤ 450 Kg

Max. printing size



Max roll size



Imaging format file

PostScriptR3TM, including EPS, TIFF,JPG etc.

Ink type

UV curing ink

UV curing ink

Power supply range

380V ± 10%, 3Phases 50/60 Hz

Max power consumption

6.80KVA for machine

0.75KVA for vacuum system

6.80KVA for machine

0.75KVA for vacuum system

DimensionsL x W x H

5.88 x 1.48 x 1.77 M

9.23 x 1.65 x 1.89M

Net weight & Cross weight

1920 Kg & 2500 Kg

2400 Kg & 3100 Kg

Package dimensions

L x W x H

5.80 x 1.35 x 1.92 m

9.28 x 1.46 x 2.05m

Min. working area

7.80 x 4.38 x 2.80 m

10.23 x 4.65 x 2.90m

Safety certificate

CE with CB report