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Product Name:TeckThunder Printer

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l  Xaar four color Variable Grey Scale dot provides smooth transition dot which normal CMYK printers are unable to achieve with a level of sharpness only before seen at resolutions of 1440 dpi or higher. Dot's can be varied from 8 pl (picoliter) for perfectly legible 3 pt type to 40 pl for high dense solid colors. 


l  Solid White is added by 2 of Xaar J500/40UV heads providing exceptionally solid white for background printing, covering, enabling printing of bright, vibrant colors even on transparent and darkly colored media. 


l  Quick conversion from flexible rolled media to rigid sheet media allowing printing on corrugated plastics, acrylics, irregularmaterial along with flexible media such as PVC film, adhesive vinyl, paper … with minimum operator intervention. 


l  Low ink level sensors are fitted to both the primary and secondary ink tanks providing a high level of reliability by providing the operator with an audible alarm and illuminating LED's to indicate color is low helping easy replenishment. 


l  TeckThunder's built in de-gassing system removes micro-bubble from the bulk ink supply providing further reliability through reduced nozzles outage and increased drop placement accuracy during printing. 


l  TeckThunder's high efficiency recirculating warming system provides a fast and precise warming of the ink supply and the print heads for reliable printing of UV inks. 


l  The UV curing system is fitted with shutters which provide accurate curing for optimal ink adhesion to substrate whilst reducing UV exposure of the media by up to 50%. This protects the over burn of ink and helps to protect the printer heads from UV curing during printing. 


l Print Bed Vacuum Suction is easily adjusted allowing for accurate pull down of most media regardless of waffle or porosity. It even provides improved flatness of flexible media or films. 


l  Automatic or Manual Print carriage height control with automatic material thickness detection enables printing onto substrates up to 15mm thick with ease. This is further enhanced by front pinch rollers that automatically adjusted to each media and ensure smooth feeding and to hold down media "curl'. 


l The media edge sensor accurately measures media width and location for fast and accurate positioning of the print edges. 


l  Powerful high quality servo motors coupled to a metal encoder scale ensure consistent ultra high print whilst printing Bi - Directionally for increased productivity.






C M Y K + 2 W

Optional colors: C M Y K + 4 W

C M Y K Lc Lm + 2 W

C M Y K Lc Lm + 2 V

C M Y K + 2 W+2 V

2 C M Y K


Variable dot – 1440dpi or greater

Printing modes and speed

Quality mode: 10.3 m²/hr (111 ft²/ hr)

Production mode: 19.9 m²/Hr (214 ft²/hr)

High speed mode: 40.1 m²/hr (432 ft²/hr)



Flexible and rigid media


Effective printing area: 1.64 m (64.59 inch) × length

Max roll size: 1.68 m (66.14 inch) × length


Up to 15 mm (0.59 inch for sheet);

Up to 1 mm (0.04 inch for flexible media)


Up to 10 kg/m²(22 Lb/m²) (for sheet); Up to 75 kg / roll (165.4 Lb/roll) (for flexible media)

Imaging format file

PostScriptR3TM, including EPS, TIFF, JPG, PDF etc.



UV curable ink


2 liter per color


Power specifications

AC 230 V ± 10% OR AC 380 V ± 10%, 50/60Hz,

Power consumption

4.3 KVA(≤20 A)

Workstation and RIP

Windows XP, Teckwin Edition Caldera RIP


USB 2.0, LAN


Working temperature

15 - 30 °C (59 -86 °F)

Operating humidity

40 - 80% RH (None condensing)

Non-operating humidity

10 - 80% RH (None condensing)

DimensionsL x W x H

3.24 × 0.87 × 1.62 m (10.63 × 2.85 × 5.31)

Net weight

625 kg (1378 Lb)

Package dimensionsL x W x H

3.74 × 1.13 × 1.75 m (12.27 × 3.71 × 5.74)

Gross weight

980 kg (2161 Lb)

Min. working areaL x W x H

5.24 ×3.87 × 2.80 m (17.19 × 12.69 ×9.19)

Safety certificate